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Since 1966 it has been
our only business.

AFM helps clients make wise decisions
about land.

AFM specializes in land. Through our deep market insight and unparalleled service, we help landowners and consumers make wise decisions about land. With an exclusive focus on rural land assets, we meld market knowledge, cutting-edge technology and world-class marketing protocols to help our clients identify and capitalize on land value opportunities in many regions throughout the country.

Land Brokerage and Acquisition Services

We have transacted over $3 billion worth of land since 2005 and have the most experienced and talented professionals in the industry. We are highly skilled and geographically specialized land market experts.

Hunting or recreational, development or conservation, agricultural or timberland, or even the ideal place to build your dream home – AFM has the skill and experience to help you find or sell that special piece of property. As a leading natural resource company, we have been helping landowners buy, sell, improve, manage, and enjoy millions of acres of land in the best parts of America. Since 1966, that’s been our only business.

Owning Land / Our Experience

Have property but not sure what it’s worth? We can help.

AFM uses a comprehensive market analysis approach to integrate the fields of appraisal theory with current or alternate land use and combines that with local knowledge of environmental issues and market behavior to provide the best assessment of the client’s property. With our extensive awareness of market conditions and deep analysis of competitive land parcels we can provide the most informed and accurate estimate of what your land is worth in today’s market.

Appraisal vs. Comparative Market Analysis

Theoretically, they should both be the same number. But generally they are not. Here’s why:

An appraisal is an opinion of value. There are numerous types of value (market value, investment value, use value) - reflective of the numerous reasons why people or companies own property. An appraisal is performed by an appraiser, a licensed professional who is expected to perform valuation services competently and in a manner that is independent, impartial, and objective. Appraisals are generally required for federally-related transactions, which are any real estate-related financial transactions which a federal financial institution or regulatory agency engages in, contracts for, or regulates. An appraisal may also be required for tax purposes, such as a charitable contribution or estate taxes.

Ultimately, an appraisal answers the question: “How much would others in the market for a particular property type with a particular use be willing to pay for the subject property?” A "comparative market analysis" (CMA, or also referred to as a “broker price opinion") is an estimate of the probable selling price of a property. Price is a fact and represents the amount asked, offered, or paid for a property. Price does not specifically consider or adjust for motivations of buyers and/or sellers or necessarily for other potential uses of the property. A CMA is prepared by a licensed real estate broker. A CMA is not valid for financing purposes, especially those involving federally-related transactions, but may be appropriate for other non-lending related uses.

Ultimately, a CMA attempts to answer the question: “How much would someone be willing to pay for the subject property?” with limited consideration of a particular use or a particular type of buyer.

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Other Services

American Forest Management, Inc., (AFM) is a nationally-recognized consulting firm that offers a variety of natural resource-related services designed to assist landowners achieve their ownership goals. Some of these services include:

Land Management

Providing landowners management advice and land management services.  Activities include management plans, timber sales, forest inventory, reforestation, wildlife management, recreation...

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Timber Sales

Timber sales are specifically planned to achieve the owner's objectives and conducted to receive the highest possible price with the constraints associated with the sale.  Protecting the integrity...

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AFM specializes in appraising timberland, farm, conservation and related investment properties. Activities include acquisition appraisals, ongoing appraisals, timber price indices, harvest scheduling,...

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Providing landowners and wood utilization facilities with sustainable systems consulting, pre-certification consulting and system development, certification audit expertise, conservation  planning...

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Our wildlife biologists provide services that include: wildlife management and habitat enhancement plans, threatened and endangered species consulting, wildlife population surveys, lease...

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