Our people are the most experienced and talented team of professionals you will find anywhere in the business. We have the expertise, the technical support staff, and the ability to help acquire or market and sell property efficiently and professionally.


Unlike most timber management and land resource companies, or even the largest real estate firms, we have a core staff of professionals whose only focus is the brokerage of land. Whether it is investment quality timberland, development, recreational-hunting, farming or rural acreage, we have successfully brokered it many times.

Sales Process

We start with the highest and best use of a piece of property and then apply the most effective selling method. When it comes to investigating comparable parcels, regulatory constraints and considering all possible combinations and permutations of use and offerings, we leave no stone unturned. This diligence is what allows us to provide maximum value to our clients.

For Sellers, We Deliver Buyers

If you are selling property, our extensive sales staff is always available --- seven days a week --- to show a property to potential buyers at their convenience. Our field offices are particularly helpful with their on-the-ground knowledge of local land values, wood product markets, and regulations regarding land use and management. Service sells.

For Buyers, We Deliver Experience and Expertise

Research indicates buyers most often make their decisions based on accurate and well-presented sales materials. Our real estate services include the development of detailed and comprehensive sales materials. Depending on how the seller decides to market their property, these prospectuses can include such items as:

  • Up-to-date merchantable timber volume and acreage data.
  • The forest management history of the sale property including reforestation, timber harvesting, fertilization, pesticide and herbicide use, etc.
  • Available survey plats
  • Color state and county maps to locate and pinpoint tract locations
  • Copies of proposed sale contracts
  • Disclosure of problematic items such as the location of easements, reservation of mineral rights or other possible encumbrances
  • Detailed description of soil productivity
  • Easy-to-read, detailed color maps drawn to emphasize property attributes

Knowledge of Active Buyers

We know the potential buyers of investment grade timberland, farms, development land, recreational hunting properties and plantations. Through decades of responsible work, and good sales, many of these investors have come to trust the reliability, integrity and diligence we bring to each listing.

Total Market Saturation and Services

In addition to knowing active buyers, our marketing specialist assists agents in coordinating a systematic advertising campaign to promote the highest exposure possible for a listing.

Typical marketing methods include:

  • Email and database marketing
  • Advertisements placed in prominent local, regional, and national publications
  • Trade shows
  • On-site and local signage
  • Television sponsorships, radio advertisements, billboards and social media
  • Mass mailings of color fliers and sales prospectuses
  • AFM website and classified ads on other cooperative and partner websites
  • And much more…

Marketing Multiple Tracts

One of our most unique strengths is our ability to market many tracts -- significant acreage -- in a short period of time. Our skills and experience give us ability to recognize whether a particular tract would be best marketed in a sealed bid arrangement or through the traditional asking price method.


Nearly 50

    As TIMO’s and REIT's quickly became some of the largest holders of timberland in the United States, they soon recognized that strategic land sales and acquisitions were a way to maintain investment performance.

    AFM was asked to help. A few examples can be broken into large and small tract sales and acquisitions.

    Our large tract program began in 2004 where we assisted many TIMO’s and REIT’s in sales that ranged from 10,000 to 130,000 acres. AFM's largest experience was participating in the Forest Capital purchase of Boise Cascade’s timberland property consisting of +/-2 million acres in 2005.

    Our retail sales program dates back to the 1970’s. In 2003, we applied our experience to assist a major REIT in developing their small tract retail sales program that continues today. Since then, we have worked with all of the major timber REIT's in the country.

    In addition, we work with major TIMO's such as Forest Investment Associates, Timberland Investment Resources, and BTG Pactual with their annual sales programs.

    Conservation & Land Trust Groups
    Local & Regional Non-industrial Private Land Owners
  • Conservation & Land Trust Groups

    Non-profit organizations historically purchased small tracts of land for conservation or preservation use.

    As larger timberland transactions developed between industrial ownerships and the TIMO's and REIT's, conservation groups took notice. They saw opportunities to not only buy larger tracts, but to participate as a conservation partner.

    For example, the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument is a 50,000-acre southern Oregon gem known for its ecological diversity and unusually high variety of rare plant and animal species uniquely concentrated in a geographically small region. Our brokers helped transfer the largest private forestland ownership (of over 8,000 acres) within the monument to conservation groups and the federal government where it will be preserved and protected forever in public trust. Now that’s a story of monumental success.

    Residential & Commerical Land Developers
  • Residential & Commerical Land Developers

    Many landowners have owned property that has developed an alternative or “Higher and Better Use” over the intended use for which it was purchased.

    Property usages change for many reasons with one being population growth and urban sprawl. AFM has worked with many of our clients to maximize their investment by providing expertise in higher and better use analysis. We offer population studies, market analysis, absorption rates and county data demographics. We apply these statistics to determine if your property value is affected by potential change for use.

    National & Regional Investors
    Conservation & Land Trust Groups
  • National, Regional and International Investors

    As large land transactions dominated the investment news, a new class of investor soon developed.

    These groups historically did not invest in timberland, but realized this opportunity as a potential new asset class and an alternative investment. One of the reasons for including timberland in their investment portfolio’s is the ability to enhance risk/return characteristics. In addition to being an excellent portfolio diversifier and inflation hedge, timberland made a good investment because its returns are equal to or better than any other asset classes.

    AFM works with these groups using cash flow analysis and harvest scheduling modeling providing acquisition support on complex deals.

    Local Loggers & Timber Buyers
    Residential & Commerical Land Developers
  • Local Loggers & Timber Buyers

    Though our day-to-day forest management operations, AFM personnel knows the local timber markets including the loggers and timber buyers.

    These relationships provide a wealth of knowledge that our agents apply to local land markets. AFM’s physical presence in these regions adds credibility with potential buyers and sellers throughout the marketing process and provide the ability to react quickly to project needs.

    Wood Product Industry Companies
    National, Regional and International Investors
  • Wood Product Industry Companies

    While AFM was expanding its operations across the United States, the forest products industry began shifting its timberland ownership.

    AFM's daily interaction with regional timber utilization facilities, combined with our present sales activity in the regional markets where timberlands are located keeps us on the cutting edge of current market conditions. This provides us the ability to accurately and quickly respond to a variety of market-related inquiries.

    Other Consulting Foresters
    Local Loggers & Timber Buyers
  • Other Forestry Consulting Firms

    The AFM team knows the rural land market.

    Many of our sales staff have forestry backgrounds and an extensive network through association memberships and professional organizations. In addition, working with other forestry consultants enables AFM to help a potential buyer locate the perfect property or expands our reach for buyers when selling a property.

    Wood Product Industry Companies
  • Local & Regional Non-industrial Private Land Owners

    Since 1966, AFM has worked with a diverse group of clients.

    Our roots go back to rural South and North Carolina where we have assisted private landowners in the disposition of their property or acquiring their life-long dream. This may simply have been for an adjacent tract, investment opportunity or as a getaway for recreation, solitude and even unique purposes like establishing a quail plantation.

    Other Consulting Foresters